Two teens are seated in the shade on lawn chairs next to the graffiti covered side of Gate House 1. They are painting with watercolors and the Reservoir water is green and reflecting trees in summer bloom.

There’s so much to do at the Reservoir, and more to come! The trails circling the top wall of the site are becoming more accessible with wider and more stable walkways, and there are he multiple smaller trails along the lower level and water to be later updated as well!

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Arts & Culture

The Alliance hosts arts and cultural events periodically at the Reservoir as well as off-site around the community. If you or your arts organization would be interested in an event involving the Reservoir, please reach out to us through our contact page.

Kayak Days

During the summer, the Alliance has hosted special event days where we offer kayaking programs to the public. All kayak sessions begin with a brief lesson on kayaking and safety. As the site is closed for restoration, we cannot offer kayak days on the Reservoir. Please check back for an announcement of its reopening and our next kayaking day!


Throughout the years guests have been welcome to bring their own bait and tackle to fish at the Reservoir. Fishing is catch and release only.

The fishing program, for newcomers to the hobby who would like to learn to fish, was run by the City of Jersey City and not affiliated with the Alliance. While fishing is currently suspended during restoration of the site, we will update if and when it reopens.

A person standing on a rock pile is silhouetted against the Reservoir water which reflects the blue sky, green trees, and brick Gatehouse 2 and tall buildings outside the Reservoir in the background. The person has both feet together, their left hand on their hip, and their right arm outstretched casting a fishing line.
Two tandem kayaks and their kayakers glide across the water with the dilapidated brick and cement Screen House in the background. The trees are thick and green in summer bloom.